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Our aim is to provide a good working environment to work with customers and other security companies, giving full online and technical support in all aspect of our business.
We provide technical design expertise and will aid in design proposals of all aspect of our field, including small to large intruder and CCTV system.

We are dedicated to Giving the end user the full assistance and cooperation, that is a big part of our company, making sure we walk away with all the question being answered, bringing security to all domestic and commercial customer with a relaxing peace of mind, because you are the reason we exist as a company and not the other way round.

Our priority is to ensure our customers get what they pay for and are happy paying for they get, with no question of the cost and quality,
Just knowing that the customer is pleased with all our work is a reward in itself.

All workman ship has no question of doubt, our work holds no boundaries for imperfections and negligence will always be dealt with in a dignified but firm manor
Creating a good repartition for us leads to a bigger and better security industry.


We have over fifteen years experience in all aspects of the security industry, if we are approached to do work with products we are not used to, then the work will not be accepted unless a full investigation is made are we are 100% sure we can do the work, and if all the necessary paperwork has been given then we will get back with an answer with in the weeks end are if otherwise stated at this time.
All our engineers are screened with us, and are screened ever year after to update all relavent records.
If it is necessary we will provide paperwork on all our employees.
Delta UK will gain the rite to use other contractors, to aid them in work if the work load is more than we can handle.
In doing so all contractors information will be presented to all our customer before any work is started and will have undergone a security screening process by ourselves which can be requested at any time.